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Serviced Apartments

Extra Services

Welcome Pack
All our guests that stay at Furnished and Serviced Apartments receive as our gift a welcome pack.

In House Cleaning
We recognize that many of our customers that stay with us are too busy to clean. We offer an in house cleaning service. There are three different packages including Standard clean, Formal clean right through to our Deluxe cleaning service. Please feel free to contact Furnished Apartments Division for more information and pricing.

Cable Television & Plasma TV
Each Furnished Property is fitted with plasma televisions and Cable TV (Foxtel cable supplier). This means you will be able to watch news, sport and your favourite movies on a Plasma Television.

Internet Access
IRAS, INC now offers wireless broadband modems. This means you can plug in your computer or laptop and have instant fast broadband internet access without the expensive hotel prices. For as little as $1 per day you can surf the net and receive emails.

Property Investors
IRAS, INC is now proud to present our new property investment portfolio listings. The properties presented here have been running as a furnished property for at least 1 year. This will allow the astute property investor to evaluate and make a sound investment decision.

We have been offering quality accommodation to the corporate market for the past 8 years. The client base exists of blue chip corporate companies, Relocation agencies and individuals relocating to Dhaka, Bangladesh. This investment opportunity provides the investor with the ability to maximise there properties rental return through renting out there apartment/house fully furnished.

What are the advantages to renting out a property fully furnished:

  • Higher Rental rate of Return
  • Depreciate all furniture and property items to minimise your taxation.
  • Get a better quality tenant that will treat the property with respect.
  • Your property will be constantly maintained and cleaned ensuring your property will be always presented in its best light.

Do you have a Property you would like to rent as a Furnished Property in Dhaka, Bangladesh:
You may already have a property that could be suitable for Furnished Properties to manage for you. We can show what you need to do and help you through the process, so you can start to maximise your investment. We will evaluate the requirements through a step by step process, alternatively we can do all the work for you such as organizing all of the furniture, electrical’s etc and prepare the property for the fully furnished rental market. Give us a call, whether you have a property or would like to buy one of a our pre existing properties, we look forward to helping you grow your investment.