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Servicedapartmentsbd.com Property Management has a wide variety serviced/furnished/corporate of resources and purchasing power to yield significant cost savings to your community. Our contract negotiators use their ability to buy in bulk to get the best available services for the lowest possible price. This translates to expert property management at the best value and lowest cost to you. Servicedapartmentsbd has partnered with several vendors to offer excellent savings programs to the communities we currently manage. Click on the programs to learn more about the possible saving opportunities.

Waste Management - Residential Program
Telephone Service - Community phone lines 

Waste Management - Residential Program

The Residential Program includes:
One reduced rate for two services:

Once a week curbside trash pick up and one time a week curbside recycling;
  • NO fuel surcharges or environmental fees for two years
  • NO rate increases for two years
  • Free 96 gallon containers for trash and free 18 gallon bins for recycling
  • Free containers for the pool or common area and Free pick-up
  • Master billing
  • New expanded recycling program that includes recycling 1-7 plastics, aluminum, newspaper, phone books, mixed paper, cardboard and three types of glass- green, brown and clear.
  • Nationally recognized safety program for drivers
  • Safety Watch program for neighborhoods
  • Fully staffed, full time customer service department

Your Value:

Reduced rates
Increased services
No fees
Reduced truck traffic and collection days
Increased Safety
Enhanced neighborhood appearance
Increased property value
To find out how you can qualify for Heritage Property Management and Waste Management’s VALUE program for residential or commercial ask your Property Manager!

Telephone Service - Community Phone Lines

FDN, a NuVox Company and Access Communications are proud to offer a discount program to all communities currently managed by Heritage Property Management; a discount that will save your Association money.

The FDN program is now offering pool phones, gate phones and any other business phone line that do not require additional features at a rate of $26.00 per month and regular phone lines (includes features) at $29.99 per month with a 3 year contract. Access Communications is also offering regular phone lines at a rate of $29.95 per month with a 3 year contract. This means more value to you at a competitive rate.

If you would like to learn more about this program and its benefits, click here for more information.